Carlos & Geri

Young Makers Series

A Shaver's Studio Production


Human beings are passionate creators. Every day of our lives we create something new for ourselves and others. We can’t help it. We make the bed. We make breakfast. We write a letter or eMail or a text. We make friends. These are all creations of our own making. To live is to make.


When I entered the seventh grade in 1962, a big change in schooling format, I also discovered my passion for electronics. I started looking for anything I could find about the subject. I wanted to know how electronic equipment worked and I wanted to know how to make electronic things.


My mother had a coworker that was into electronics. When she told him about my interest he gave her a tall stack of Popular Electronics magazines. I read every one of those magazines several times. One of the biggest influences in those pages were the Carl & Jerry stories.


These were actual narrative fictional stories about a couple of young guys making and using electronic gadgets and having adventures. Long story short, in the eighth grade I made a robot that kind of worked based on one of the Carl & Jerry stories.  If you want details about this, I wrote a little story about this on my blog here, Inspiration to Become an Engineer, which includes a picture of the robot.


I went on to build a light-beam transmitter and receiver that would send my voice about two inches. I built a three foot tall Tesla coil in the eleventh grade that created three foot long electric arcs. After graduating high school  I joined the US Air Force and became an Avionics Technician. After discharge, thanks to the Gi Bill, I got a degree in electronics engineering at California State University at San Luis Obispo. This led me to have adventures designing electronics with embedded microcontrollers, programming them and many other electronic/computer/Internet things for about forty five years.


Then I retired. Now what?



What are the things I'm most passionate about; most want to do? 

  1. Consume stories by reading, watching movies and TV series. Now I want to create stories.

  2. Make things; electronics, software and machines as a hobby.

  3. Making movies has been a hobby since college. Now it's easier than ever with Youtube as distributor.

  4. Sharing my passions with others who are interested.



It seems logical to combine all of the above and create some stories/videos about making stuff. There are hundreds of videos on Youtube about how to make things using any technology you can think of. But none I’ve seen do this with a narrative story, so that’s what I propose to do. Make a STEM video series using narrative stories that ignite our innate passion to create new things; to give back what I received way back in the seventh grade. To pay-it-forward so others can discover their passion to make.




The first season will consist of a twelve episode series about two thirteen year old teenagers with a passion for making electronic projects, gadgets and devices that amaze their friends and sometimes get them into and out of trouble. One narrative story episode will be released each month. In those stories at least one device will be created and/or modified. Each story will have an unanticipated twist. After the device works as planned, it will reveal something surprising and unexpected.



The other weeks of each month will have non-narrative videos that are created separately from the theatrical stories. Some of these will be videos with details about how to build the device from the story, something that was not present in the Carl & Jerry stories I read as a kid. Also behind-the-scenes stories about the cast and crew and other video production bonus features.



Carlos is a 13 year old Hispanic boy in middle school. He is a skilled maker with a passion for electronics, mechanics, chemistry and has mad skills woodworking, welding, metalworking and electronics fabrication. He can take apart and rebuild anything mechanical or electronic. He is always making useful new gadgets and enhancing existing devices. He's a good student but prefers subjects where you can get your hands dirty and make something that has never existed before.



Geri is a 13 year old black girl in middle school. She is a skilled maker with a passion for electronics, computers, computer programming and mathematics. She can take apart and rebuild any computer. She knows the big three computer operating systems backwards and forwards. She is conversant with digital communications standards and practices. She is a wiz on the Internet and IOT (Internet-Of-Things).



I want to write and I’m practicing right now. However, I want this project to be outstanding and proceed with the best chance of success. I plan to shoot twelve episodes in the summer of 2021. I don’t want my writing to be the reason I’m not ready by then. So I need to staff a Writers' Room as the do for TV and streaming shows. 



I want a few good screenwriters with the following attributes

  1. Willing to donate your work. (This is a micro budget production so nobody is getting paid.)

  2. Experience writing for young adults (13 and up)

  3. Experience writing convincing teenagers including diverse ethnicity and socio-econimic backgrounds.

  4. I would be helpful if you are knowledgeable about electronics, robotics, computer software development, Internet protocols, science, technology, making mechanical things, 3D printing, CNC laser cutters and any other skills found in the “Maker” community. (We will have consultants to validate the technical attributes of any devices in the story. We will also have these devices actually built and working for the shoot, wherever possible.)

  5. It would be helpful if you live in the Austin, Texas USA area but I will consider anyone in the world who has the passion to work on this and has the chops to produce excellent work.



Please email your contact info to me along with any credits and scripts that will help me assess your experience.



If this sounds like fun to you, then please apply.




Robert (Rob) Shaver