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Canal Saint-Martin in Paris

Monday, August 19th, 2019

Having been in Paris for a while, Merry and I set out to discover some of the features contained in

this beautiful city. We found the Canal Saint-Martin which is a 4.6 km (2.86 mi) long canal in Paris. In the mid-19th century it was covered for nearly half its length (2069 m), between the Rue

du Faubourg du Temple and the Place de la Bastille. This created a wide boulevards and public spaces on the surface.

After finding the canal by wandering around, we saw a boat advertising a canal tour. Naturally we wanted to do that if only we could find where the boat originated. It turned out all we had to do was walk along the canal for a few miles to locate the docks where the boats were moored.

Needless to say, it was thirsty work so we stopped off at a McDonald’s, purely as research into

Royal with Cheese not found

how this institution might be corrupting the Parisian culture. Also I wanted to find the fabled Royal with Cheese. We found neither but we did get fountain drink at a reasonable price.

The video, composed by Google from about twenty minutes of video I shot, shows our trip down the Canal Saint-Martin in less than two minutes. The cruise ends no far from the Bastille Monument, just a few blocks from our place. So it was an easy walk back home without needing to use the metro.

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